A Look Back and Ahead…

As 2015 comes to a close, I want to take a chance to thank everyone that has supported the Trio this year by coming out to a show, listening to our music or simply giving us a word of encouragement. 2015 was a big year for me and I’m very thankful for those who were along for the ride. This year has seen the release of 2 EPs (Which Spotify reports as having 100 different listeners and over 10 hours of playtime), several concerts that were a great time including the amazing experience we had at the Vandalia Star Spangled Celebration, and many great friends and musicians performing as part of the Trio.

Performers with the Trio this year included Zach Grove, Matt Rookard, Nick Swink and even my father, Jimmie Cochran. I want to thank these guys for all of their hard work and musicianship during all of our shows this year. I really couldn’t have done it without you all.

As I look ahead at 2016, I am extremely excited. Personally, I will be both graduating from Wright State and getting married next year, which I praise God for, as these are huge blessings in my life. I have also taken a Contemporary Worship Leader position at Tipp City United Methodist Church, which is a new venture for me, as well as one I am also very excited about. All of these changes will be welcome, but will also take up a lot of my time and energy. However, I still plan on keeping the Trio going, as I have a passion for writing and performing with my friends.

In 2016, the Trio shows will go to a “limited engagement” show schedule, meaning shows will be announced one at a time as they are booked. They will also most likely not be very close together, so if you are deciding on whether or not to go to a show, be aware that it may be several months before you have the chance to attend another one.

I also plan on continuing to write and release new material. This process will most likely be scaled down as well, but we’ll see how it goes. I do plan on attempting to make live videos/recordings of the Trio, so I will keep everyone updated on that process. Ideally we’ll be able to record/webcast live shows from the TCT rehearsal room, which will be very fun and much more convenient for fans and us.

Overall I have been thrilled with the Trio so far and enjoy the fun and freedom it brings me and my playing. I’m so glad that many of you have come along for the ride and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in 2016. Thanks again for everything!

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