The Next Phase

As many of you who personally know me know, I’ve been pretty busy this past year or so. In a span of April to July I will have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, started a career at Reynolds & Reynolds, bought a house, been a worship director for over 6 months, finally paid a visit to my sports haven of Miami and married an amazing girl that I couldn’t do without. Needless to say, the Trio and my music fell to the wayside, since all of those activities take a lot of time  and effort to do.

After a year long hiatus, I finally played out live with the Trio and it was a hoot. (Check out some videos HERE) We had a great crowd and jamming with Doug Hart was a good time. So now that I’ve been bitten by the bug again, I think it’s time to start everything back up. During this next week, I’ll be married and on a beach in Miami, which will be absolutely awesome. After I return and catch up on what I missed, it’s time to get to work on music.

I’ve began writing new material for the Trio. Luckily I already have odds & ends of songs that I’ve messed around with the past year, but I’ll finally have time to work them out and get them recorded. I’m starting to build a home studio in my basement, so hopefully I’ll be able to DIY everything and get a pretty good product out. I’ll then look into booking shows and events, so hopefully the Trio can get a few good gigs in before the weather gets cold and nasty.

I want to thank everyone for their support of me and both my life and musical endeavors. God has blessed me beyond reason with an amazing group of people that pour into me and really care about me succeeding. I look forward seeing you all out at a show somewhere.

I also look forward to getting back into the Dayton music scene. Just browsing on Facebook I’ve realized that so many venues, bands and people have changed, so I’ll have to learn a new landscape. When people ask where all I’ve played, I’ve realized I’m talking about places like McGuffy’s, Canal Street Tavern and J Alan’s that aren’t even around (at least under the same premise) anymore.

So keep an eye out for more music, shows and general chatter from the Trio and I. I also hope to update this website blog about once a week with various music topics. I might even try to keep the Trio’s social media up a bit more. 😉

See you all soon


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