2020 is sizing up to be a big year for the Tyler Cochran Trio. With plenty of chances to catch the Trio live, the 2020 show schedule is taking shape. Also in the works is a new EP, sizing up to be the biggest project we’ve worked on. Plenty of new and exciting songs that we can’t wait to bring to you both on your favorite streaming platform and favorite stage. Stay tuned.

Gearing Up for Fall

Summer’s been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been able get into a bit of a rhythm with life, which has been nice and allowed me more free time to enjoy family, friends and of course, music. I’ve been able to experience ZZ Top and Robert Randolph and the Family Band live and am looking forward to Gov’t Mule this Saturday. Watching all of these fantastic musicians has done nothing but further my desire to get back out and play some shows.

With the Summer closing and Fall right around the corner, I’ve directed my attention to writing and recording the next Trio album as well as booking shows. Writing for me has always been quick and in spurts, so I hope to hit a creative streak and pump out some tunes in a short amount of time. I’ve also been able to acquire some nice microphones (Blue makes ridiculously fantastic mics) that will hopefully improve the quality of my recordings. I’m pretty excited with how things have gone so far. The first single, “Doctor’s Orders”, has already been sent off to Apple Music, Spotify and others for approval. It should go live in the next day or so.

Booking has begun as I’m starting to get a Fall/Winter 2016 Press Kit together and sent out to various venues around Dayton. I hope to get a handful of shows nailed down and announced within the next month or so. I miss playing for crowds and definitely look forward to getting back to it here shortly. As always, if you’re interested in me playing your venue or a venue you like, let me know or give them a referral. I hope to see you guys out in the music scene soon!


The Next Phase

As many of you who personally know me know, I’ve been pretty busy this past year or so. In a span of April to July I will have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, started a career at Reynolds & Reynolds, bought a house, been a worship director for over 6 months, finally paid a visit to my sports haven of Miami and married an amazing girl that I couldn’t do without. Needless to say, the Trio and my music fell to the wayside, since all of those activities take a lot of time  and effort to do.

After a year long hiatus, I finally played out live with the Trio and it was a hoot. (Check out some videos HERE) We had a great crowd and jamming with Doug Hart was a good time. So now that I’ve been bitten by the bug again, I think it’s time to start everything back up. During this next week, I’ll be married and on a beach in Miami, which will be absolutely awesome. After I return and catch up on what I missed, it’s time to get to work on music.

I’ve began writing new material for the Trio. Luckily I already have odds & ends of songs that I’ve messed around with the past year, but I’ll finally have time to work them out and get them recorded. I’m starting to build a home studio in my basement, so hopefully I’ll be able to DIY everything and get a pretty good product out. I’ll then look into booking shows and events, so hopefully the Trio can get a few good gigs in before the weather gets cold and nasty.

I want to thank everyone for their support of me and both my life and musical endeavors. God has blessed me beyond reason with an amazing group of people that pour into me and really care about me succeeding. I look forward seeing you all out at a show somewhere.

I also look forward to getting back into the Dayton music scene. Just browsing on Facebook I’ve realized that so many venues, bands and people have changed, so I’ll have to learn a new landscape. When people ask where all I’ve played, I’ve realized I’m talking about places like McGuffy’s, Canal Street Tavern and J Alan’s that aren’t even around (at least under the same premise) anymore.

So keep an eye out for more music, shows and general chatter from the Trio and I. I also hope to update this website blog about once a week with various music topics. I might even try to keep the Trio’s social media up a bit more. 😉

See you all soon


The Trio and Hart take on Oscar’s

Friday, June 10th, will mark the first time the Tyler Cochran Trio has played a concert in 2016. After spending the first part of 2016 completing a Bachelor’s degree, planning a wedding, buying a house and starting a career, Tyler is now ready to get back in the Dayton music scene. And what better way to make a comeback than double billing with the one and only Doug Hart Band.

Doug is legendary in the Dayton music scene and considered one of the best guitar players in the Dayton area. This will be the first time that Doug and Tyler have been on a bill together, and they plan on shaking the rafters at Oscar’s. This will also be the first time the Trio has played at Oscar’s Bar & Grill, which is located in Tyler’s hometown of Vandalia.

For the setlist, Tyler has a variety of songs that are all in the Trio’s wheelhouse. Smooth blues tunes, searing rock numbers, sprinkles of pop songs, some back catalog Broken Lights songs, and of course new Trio material all await patrons of Oscar’s on June 10th. The Trio plans on starting the night off with aggressive spark and letting the Doug Hart Band keep the blaze going.

The Tyler Cochran Trio goes on at 9pm, followed by the Doug Hart Band. Oscar’s Bar & Grill is located at  320 N. Dixie Dr. Vandalia, OH 45377. Cover charge is $5 at the door.

A Look Back and Ahead…

As 2015 comes to a close, I want to take a chance to thank everyone that has supported the Trio this year by coming out to a show, listening to our music or simply giving us a word of encouragement. 2015 was a big year for me and I’m very thankful for those who were along for the ride. This year has seen the release of 2 EPs (Which Spotify reports as having 100 different listeners and over 10 hours of playtime), several concerts that were a great time including the amazing experience we had at the Vandalia Star Spangled Celebration, and many great friends and musicians performing as part of the Trio.

Performers with the Trio this year included Zach Grove, Matt Rookard, Nick Swink and even my father, Jimmie Cochran. I want to thank these guys for all of their hard work and musicianship during all of our shows this year. I really couldn’t have done it without you all.

As I look ahead at 2016, I am extremely excited. Personally, I will be both graduating from Wright State and getting married next year, which I praise God for, as these are huge blessings in my life. I have also taken a Contemporary Worship Leader position at Tipp City United Methodist Church, which is a new venture for me, as well as one I am also very excited about. All of these changes will be welcome, but will also take up a lot of my time and energy. However, I still plan on keeping the Trio going, as I have a passion for writing and performing with my friends.

In 2016, the Trio shows will go to a “limited engagement” show schedule, meaning shows will be announced one at a time as they are booked. They will also most likely not be very close together, so if you are deciding on whether or not to go to a show, be aware that it may be several months before you have the chance to attend another one.

I also plan on continuing to write and release new material. This process will most likely be scaled down as well, but we’ll see how it goes. I do plan on attempting to make live videos/recordings of the Trio, so I will keep everyone updated on that process. Ideally we’ll be able to record/webcast live shows from the TCT rehearsal room, which will be very fun and much more convenient for fans and us.

Overall I have been thrilled with the Trio so far and enjoy the fun and freedom it brings me and my playing. I’m so glad that many of you have come along for the ride and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in 2016. Thanks again for everything!

TCT looks to bring the jam to the Spirited Goat Coffee House

Spirited Goat Cafe Poster FINAL

On Friday, July 17th, the Tyler Cochran Trio will head to the Spirited Goat Coffee House to perform in Yellow Springs Ohio for the first time. The Trio will be joined by fellow Vandalia natives, The Key Concepts. The lineup for the evening will be Nick Swink on bass and Zach Grove on drums.


Spirited Goat Coffee House is located at: 118 Dayton St, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Vandalia Star Spangled Celebration

We are gearing up for the big show! This Friday (July 3rd) the Trio will be taking the stage for Vandalia’s Star Spangled Celebration. The Trio’s line up for the night will be Zach Grove on drums and Nick Swink on bass. We will also be joined by special guest Matt Rookard on guitar for a few featured songs. This marks Tyler and Zach’s second appearance at the event, looking to yet again deliver great music and entertainment to the crowd. This will be the largest crowd the Trio has ever played for as well as the longest set, clocking in at two hours worth of music. So be sure to come out, bring a couple lawn chairs, sit back and enjoy the show. The area’s best fireworks show will begin promptly at 10pm after the Trio’s last set. You will not want to miss this event!


Friday, July 3rd 7pm at the Vandalia Rec Center

1101 Stonequarry Road Vandalia, OH 45377