All of these are questions that I have been asked in one way or another during my time with the Trio. Hopefully this little FAQ will answer anything you possibly wanted to know or wondered about the Trio. Instead of making it official I decided to make it pretty informal and answer everything in my own words. Which means it’ll probably get a little snarky, but what else would you expect from me, right? 😉

“What kinda music you play?”

This is asked of me just about every time I start to set up somewhere. It is also usually followed by, “It better not be *Insert name of music genre the person does not like*” This question is a little difficult to answer, because we really truly run through quite a few styles of music during a typical performance. The answer I normally give, and being honest the bulk of our show, is simply classic rock. I was raised on it, it features a lot of great guitar work, and it simply seems to be in the Trio’s wheelhouse. With that being said, there is plenty more we do. Maroon 5, John Mayer and Red Hot Chili Pepper tunes have become staples in our sets. Quite a few blues tunes make it in there as well. We even throw in a recent pop hit here and there. I try to incorporate the Trio’s original music in as often as I can. Unfortunately, many venues want about 90% covers throughout the evening, but if you catch us at a coffee shop or a show of our own promotion, you can bet that we’ll be playing plenty of our own songs.

“You know, you should really add *insert name of an instrument(s) here*. It would really take you guys to the next level.”

No. Thanks for the suggestion though. 😉 See, I actually have a reason for keeping all of my personal bands to three people.  I’ve played with many different forms of performance groups over the years. Solo, Duo, Trio, full out 5 piece rock band, a smaller jazz combo, a full jazz band with a complete horn section, a whole marching band, (I don’t recommend the whole marching band, it didn’t turn out too well, lol.) and 3 different musical orchestra pits. To me, nothing is as simple, raw, groovy and flat out easy to do as the three piece melody instrument (guitar in our case), bass and drums. It works out well for organizing too. Only worrying about two other people is a lot easier than 3, 4 or 5 others. Schedules, money, ideas, emotions, all of these things get more and more complex the more people you add. Will I one day form a band that has a lot of members? Possibly, I think it’d be fun to do. But with the Trio, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 😉

“Yeah man, but you should really at least add another guitar player.”

I hear this one a lot. I’m going to be honest, I really just don’t like having a second guitar in the band. I’ve got absolutely no problem with it when it’s not my band and I’m not the one leading the group, since I only need to worry about my personal parts of the song. But when I’m leading, it ends up being something I have to worry about constantly. Making sure both guitars can be heard clearly, organizing solos, getting transitions right, it all gets way more complicated when a second guitar is added. I’ve also just developed a playing style that flows smoothly and frequently in and out of rhythm and solos. Adding another guitar throws that off and ends up taking away more than it adds in my opinion. Although to be fair, Matt Rookard (one of my bassists and the guitarist who joined me for the Trio’s big 4th of July show in Vandalia) is the best rhythm guitarist I’ve played with, and would work well with me. I’m just stubborn. 😉

“When’s your next show?”

You should look at the “Show Dates” tab at tctrio.com 😉

“Do you play private events?”

We sure do! Contact me at tylercochrantrio@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to discuss details with you. =)

“Where can I listen to your stuff?”

Most likely wherever you are already getting your music from. We are on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and a bunch of other sites that I can’t remember right now. But if you search “Tyler Cochran Trio” on your favorite music site, we will most likely come up. You can also find all of our material at tylercochrantrio.bandcamp.com and soundcloud.com/tyler-cochran-trio for free! =)

“Can I get a CD?”
Unfortunately, due to the cost of printing professional looking CD’s, the Trio does not have their music available on them. However, the advantages to this are that all of our music is available for FREE online and we are able to put out small EPs and Singles fairly frequently since it is much easier and cost effective to release them only on digital formats.